You work hard at your business and have lots of customers in Alliance, Boardman, Canfield, Columbiana, Lisbon, Salem, and the surrounding areas who love your work. But are you prepared with the right commercial insurance should an accident happen or you get sued by a client? When you talk with the team at Beltempo Insurance we will work to understand your business, then will work our extensive network of insurance companies to find you the right coverages to protect your business. Don’t take chances, protect your livelihood and that of your employees with the right commercial insurance. All it takes is a call to Beltempo Insurance.

Commercial Insurance Coverages for Businesses

For most businesses, there are a few general insurance policies that they will need to have in place. General liability insurance is there to help address any medical or legal fees from an injury resulting from something you did or did not do. Property insurance is there to help cover losses to your business equipment and other contents in the building that your business is in. And business interruption insurance is designed to help keep funds flowing when your business isn’t. These are all fairly standard, but they only touch the surface of what is possible to insure depending on what kind of business you are engaged in.

If you have any employees, it is important that have workers’ compensation insurance in place. In many cases, it is mandatory that you have this insurance when you hire even your first employee. Accidents happen no matter how careful you intend to be, and being protected is important so that the business doesn’t end just as it’s getting going.

Vehicles are an important part of many businesses. Whether it’s a small car, a passenger van, or a large truck, they all need to have commercial auto insurance. Accidents happen at the worst times, and the insurance is there to help bring things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Service Businesses Aren’t Immune and Need Commercial Insurance

But what if you provide a service such as accounting services or legal services? Yes, believe it or not, it is still important to provide commercial insurance protection for your professional services. While you have the best of intentions, not everyone will see it that way and will potentially file a lawsuit against you for what they perceive as bad services. The right commercial insurance will protect you in these cases.

Regardless of what business you have in Alliance, Boardman, Canfield, Columbiana, Lisbon, Salem, and the surrounding areas, having commercial insurance from Beltempo Insurance will make all the difference in the life of your business. Call us today to review your commercial insurance needs.